dsa mayora GB 13 jul - 2 aug

[Coming soon] Transition Lite TKL


Introducing the Transition Lite, an entry-level keyboard that is modelled after the Transition TKL. Made with injection-moulded Polycarbonate and comes with a silicon pad to reduce hollowness that comes with plastic keyboards.

  • Size: 335 x 137mm
  • Front Height: 17mm
  • Typing Angle: 8 degrees
  • Weight Fully Built: 1kg
  • VIA support
  • RGB + underglow
  • What's in the kit:
    • Carrying Case
    • Top and Bottom Case (colour of your choice)
    • PCB (6.25u flexcut 1.2mm), PC Plate, Gaskets, Feet, Screws, Screwdriver
    • Foam Kit: Black foam for Transparent Black or Beige options; White foam for Transparent option)
    • Silicone Pad, PET Sheet
    • Daughterboard
  • Additional PCB options
    • 6.25u non-flexcut 1.6mm
    • 7u non-flexcut 1.6mm

Specs subject to change.