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Knight Stabilisers


The Swagkeys Knight screw-in stabilisers using their new silicone doubleshot mold. Both the stem and housing are injection-treated, to effectively reduce rattling sounds that are made when the stem makes contact with the housing, and when the wires makes contact with the stem. Based on Cherry stabilisers, Swagkeys added their noise-reduction patent applied stem and doubleshot housing.

Some notes:

  • No wire-balancing required!
  • The stems are rounded which minimises interference with the housing when sliding.
  • The Long Pole version has a longer bottom length to reduce the gap between switches that have long stems (pole).
  • Components such as Screws may be replaced with ones from other products depending on supply and demand conditions.


  • 10 x stem
  • 10 x housing
  • 10 x screws
  • 10 x washers
  • 4 x 2u wire
  • 1 x 6.25u wire
  • 1 x 7u wire
  • 10 x stabiliser shims

Swagkeys Knight Stabilizer