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S1 V2 Peaches Linear Switches

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by ktechs

S1 V2 - Peaches marks KTECHS's first foray into custom mechanical switches.

S1 was created with the intention of pushing a clean, balanced, and pleasant sounding switch into the market coupled with elements of modern-day switch preferences.

The HPE top housing prevents a sharp top-out while a proprietary blended bottom housing combined with a long-pole POM stem aims to deliver an audible and pleasing sound signature.

The pastel peach bottom and Milky Top Housing brings a twist to the current colour palettes on the market, highly voted for by the local community during the testing phase, and reminiscent of their favourite stone fruit.

Switches sold in multiple of 10, and will be packed in a zipped bag or in a box.


  • Linear
  • Pastel Peach bottom / Milky top
  • HPE top housing / Proprietary Blend bottom housing
  • POM stem (13.5mm long pole)
  • 2mm pre-travel / 3.5mm total travel
  • 63.5g bottom-out / 50g actuation
  • Gold plated double spring
  • Pre-lubed from factory with oil based lubricant
  • 5-Pin plate mount
  • Manufactured by Tecsee
  • Designed by KTECHS
  • V2 vs V1:
    • Polished mold
    • Improved factory lubrication for better stock performance
    • KTECHS nameplate

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